Arkadiusz Zuzmak

attorney – at – law, managing partner
+48 512 436 800
He has almost 20 – years of experience as a lawyer. He has practiced professional legal services since 1996, at first working for public authorities, after as an attorney trainee he worked for law offices. At the same time he worked for partnerships and companies, traders, health care entities whereby he is an expert in different fields of law… SEE MORE →

Łukasz Trznadel

advocate, partner
+48 500 044 715
He studied law at Catholic University in Lublin, which graduated in 2004, the title of his thesis was: “Expert psychiatrists opinion as evidence in criminal trial”. He gained working experience during judge trainee, which graduated in 2007 passing judge’s exam. Since September 2004 to December 2008 he was related with Legal Office… SEE MORE →

Paulina Wójcik - Król

attorney - at – law, partner
+48 509 432 207
She has practiced law since 2006, when after graduated law study in Jagiellonian University in Krakow, had worked for law offices. In 2007 she started attorney trainee. Since 2009 she had been employed by the Legal Office M.Taradajko – Zuzmak, A. Zuzmak. From the beginning she is related with Zuzmak & Partners LLP. She is attorney – at – law… SEE MORE →

Marcin Wojdyło

attorney – at - law
+ 48 509 431 974
He has been working as a lawyer since 2001. He gained his professional experience working in law offices in Podkarpacie. After he graduated attorney training, he passed legal exam and since 2010 he is an attorney – at – law in Rzeszow District Chamber of Attorneys at Law. Since 2010 he is a part of Zuzmak & Partner LLP team… SEE MORE →

Marzena Górniak

office coordinator
+48 509 431 978
She graduated from faculty of Administration at the School of Law and Public Administration in Przemyśl in 2009. Marzena gained her professional experience working at other law firms as well as at Public Administration Agencies. Since 2010 she has been employed at Zuzmak and Partners LLP. SEE MORE →

Michał Siwowski

+48 531 952 404
In 2012 he graduated law at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, during study he practised in legal offices. He jointed to Zuzmak & Partners LLP team on June 2014, where as an advocate trainee, specializes in business law, real estate cases, current services for business and he represents Clients in court proceedings. Privately he likes sports… SEE MORE →