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e studied law at Catholic University in Lublin, which graduated in 2004, the title of his thesis was: “Expert psychiatrists opinion as evidence in criminal trial”.

He gained working experience during judge trainee, which graduated in 2007 passing judge’s exam.

Since September 2004 to December 2008 he was related with Legal Office M.Taradajko – Zuzmak, A. Zuzmak. In January 2009 he got a title of advocate. Since 2010 as a partner, he has created Zuzmak & Partners LLP. In 2012 he was chosen “the Lawyer of September” by web portal

In his practice he focuses on Family law, in particular on divorces and separations, as well as he specializes in criminal law especially in defence of suspects, accused and injured persons.

In private life he is a fan of good wine, history of Middle Ages, and free time he spends training long – distance races.

Fields of legal specialization:

  • criminal law
  • Family law
  • representation of a lawsuit
  • Civil law especially commercial law and damages
  • regulation of legal status of real estate
  • proceedings of land and mortgage register
  • law of succession